This is how a country became


Once it was a ditch, across the grasslands of the Beukeveld Family, which formed the borderline between the Netherlands and Germany. One day this ditch was filled up and Gerard Beukeveld
was disowned. Neither the Netherlands nor Germany ever payed money for the ground on which the ditch once lay. Therefore Beukeveld and his eager followers announced a new sovereign state upon it named: Eurostaete. Just as the borders of Eurostaete those of the Netherlands too once arose or have either been won or simply determined. Briefly ‘This is how a new country became’
retells the history of this borderline alongside the coming into being of Eurostaete. The film narrates (and sings!) the absurd tale of national borders.


Production, direction, camera, en editing: Harko Wubs
Production Design: Merlijn van de Sande
Make up and grime: Annabel Smets
Muziek: Het Brandt


-Premiere  Incubate festival (NL)
-Premiere Cinema Münster (DUI)
-Bergamo Film Meeting (IT)
-Portobello Film Festival (UK)
-Osnabrück Film Festival (DUI)
-Slieker Film Festival (NL)
-Tour in the Netherlands, sometimes with live music by Het Brandt

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Genre: Documentaire
Length: 26 minuten
Spoken in Dutch, subtitled in Germand and English
Produced by Zaaigrond Filmproducties.
Colour 16:9

This film is financed by Grenswerte