European Foundation Joris Ivens

The European Foundation Joris Ivens (EFJI) are holding the paper archives (thousands of documents, photo’s, posters) of the worldwide known filmmaker Joris Ivens. Joris Ivens is one of the most important filmmakers from the Netherlands and made around 80 films all over the world. He made films from 1912 – 1987 and he was filming during important moments in history . This, combined with his poetic and artistic point of view (and an impressive list of collaborations with famous international artist), makes his oeuvre and archive very interesting and important in many different ways.

Besides shooting video’s (documenting seminars, interviews, happenings etc.) for the EFJI I also work as a coordinator for the foundation. I assist researchers, museumcurators, filmmakers, writers, festivals (etc) all over te world and help to make the archive accessible to the public. I also initiated the Ivens YouTube channel and the ‘Politics and Poetry’ initiative, where curators from all over the globe picked their favourite piece of filmart in which political topics are approached with a poetic point of view. The channel is a great succes with more than 9k subscribers. I also coordinate the production of the digital archive at the website of the foundation