Zaaigrond Filmproductions

Zaaigrond Filmproductions produces films with social topics.

Besides the films that I have directed for Zaaigrond myself, I also produced the film ‘a small dot’ (een klein vlekje) by Florenz van de Vijver. This film shows a few residents of the small village ‘Sluiskil’ in Zeeland, a province in the Netherlands, and they tell their migration-stories. The main focus is on Lodewijk van den Berg, the first astronaut from the Netherlands. The film was broadcasted at Omroep Zeeland and was premiered at ‘Festival by the Sea’. Besides the production of this film, I was on behalf of Zaaigrond Filmproductions involved also in the filmproject ‘Future of Work’ and I produce the online talskshow ‘De Figurant’ (the extra).